Orientalizing Period: slides

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Bronze Shield from the Idean Cave

cast griffin from Olympia

cast sphinxes from Olympia

Reconstruction of a bronze caldron from Olympia

Bronze figurine in the Daedalic Style

Mantiklos Apollo
1, 2, 3, 4

Nikandre Kore

Auxerre statuette

Mycenae Metope

"Melian" amphora

Protocorinthian Pottery
ople, bowl, MacMillan Painter: "Lion" aryballos, MacMillan Painter: "Chigi vase"

Protoattic Pottery
Amphora by the Analatos Painter, Amphora by the Polyphemus Painter, Amphora by the Polyphemus Painter (detail), Nettos Amphora, Nettos Amphora (detail)