Minoans: slides

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map of Greece

neolithic vase with incised decoration

neolithic marble figurine from knossos

neolithic clay figurine from Hierapetra

neolithic "idol" from Peleketo Cave at Zakro

map of Crete

plan of Myrtos (Phournou Koryphi)

site of Myrtos (Phournou Koryphi)

"goddess of Myrtos" rhyton

pottery: Hagios Onouphrios ware ("Myrtos")

pottery: Pyrgos ware

pottery: Vasiliki ware

plan of Vasiliki

site of Vasiliki

stone pyxis from Zakro

Cycladic figurines

seated marble figurine from Tekes

ivory figurine from Archanes

gold flower from Mochlos

necklaces from Archanes

fly seal from Archanes

14 sided hieroglyphic seal from Archanes

plan of Phaistos

site of Phaistos

plan of Mallia

site of Mallia

Faience plaques showing Minoan houses from Knossos

House model from Arkhanes

Kamares ware vase from Knossos

Kamares ware (egg shell vase)

Krater with flowers in relief from Phaistos

Fruit bowl with toothed rim in the Kamares style

Fourteen-sided seal from Archanes

Linear A

clay "Phaistos disc"

Larnakes (plural of Larnax)

Magazines at Knossos w/ Pithoi

"Cave of Eileithyia"

Model of a Tricolumnar Shrine

Figurine from a shrine at Knossos

Seal with "Mistress of the Beasts" #1

Seal with "Mistress of the Beasts" #2


Inscribed labrys on a column

Lion Gate at Mycenae

Detail from the Ayia Triadha sarcophagus

Stone rhyton from Zakros depicting a peak sanctuary

Detail from the Zakros rhyton

Drawing of the Zakros rhyton

Horns of Consecration

Miniature fresco of the tripartite shrine at Knossos

Small models of tripartite shrines

Detail from a relief rhyton found at Knossos

Restored drawing of the peak sanctuary at Petsopha

Clay figurine of an armed man from Petsopha

Three MM figurines from Petsopha

The "Poppy Goddess"

Figurine of a goddess with a "crown of doves"

Clay Snake Goddess

Faience Snake Goddess #1

Faience Snake Goddess #2

Seal with Mother Goddess and Male Consort

Detail of Male Consort

Seal with Minoan Pantheon

Bull's Head rhyton from Knossos

Bull's Head rhyton from Zakros

Relief fresco of the bull from Knossos

The balcony with the relief fresco at Knossos

Bull vaulting fresco from Knossos

Diagram of bull vaulting

Ivory figurine of a bull leaper #1

Ivory figurine of a bull leaper #2


Ayia Triadha sarcophagus (front)

Ayia Triadha sarcophagus (back)